Signal Fire Bread is a new micro-bakery in New York's Hudson Highlands. We create handmade, naturally fermented loaves that highlight regional organic grains, delivering fresh, delicious, and nourishing bread to the community in which it's made.

– Regionally focused grain and ingredients –

– Naturally fermented by flour and water that is cultured by wild yeast –

– Handmade with organic flour, salt and water, loaf by loaf –

– Bread that nourishes the community and regional grain economy –


We aim to bake delicious loaves with good chew, both inside and out, that coax out the natural sweetness, nuttiness, and overall character of the primarily whole and sifted grains we bake with.


We source as much of our grain from New York state and the surrounding region as possible.

Our loaves are naturally leavened, also known as sourdough. What does that mean? Rather than using factory-manufactured yeast to make the bread rise, we use organic flour and water to cultivate local wild yeast strains, adding flavor that's unique to our corner of the world, and creating bread that's nutritious and more easily digestible through the wonders of natural fermentation.

Our loaves feature stoneground whole and high-extraction grains, preserving the nutrients and flavor found in the bran and germ. White flour is used in a supporting role in some loaves, such as the grits bread, to create a more open crumb.

We source additional ingredients (polenta, currants, honey, and more) organically and locally whenever possible.


We believe that good grain leads to good bread. As much as possible, our grain is grown organically, sourced from regional farms, stoneground to preserve nutrients and flavor, and milled fresh. Bread made in this manner  supports a regional grain economy and is easily traced to the source, from baker to miller to farmer.  That's what we strive for with every loaf.


Grain that goes into bread-making is much like any grain or rice we eat – it needs an adequate ratio of water in order to taste great, and to be fully digestible (and more nutrient-available). We pay close attention to the hydration level that works best for specific grains, from crop to crop and season to season. We like the way it tastes, and how long the loaves last.


Our sourdough bread takes real time. Wild yeast can be just as active as the store-bought stuff, but not nearly as fast-working, and that's a good thing. We utilize a long fermentation to allow deeper flavors to develop, unlock nutrients, and naturally lengthen a loaf's shelf-life.


We're happily located in the Hudson Valley, a deliciously diverse agricultural area, as is New York state and the greater New England region.  Sourcing grains, seeds, dairy, and produce from farms nearby means we create fresher bread with distinct local character, and more money stays in our local community.

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You can't have bread without heat, whether it's created through fire,  gas, or electricity. It's the final crucial alchemical element. A strong firing means good bread, and good bread signals a strong community. And it plays into our name, drawing on the history of this region during the revolutionary war, when signal fires were lit on nearby Mount Beacon and other peaks as a form of communications throughout the hills of the Hudson Highlands.